ProVari vs ProVape-1

ProVari vs. ProVape-1: Picture not to scale.

ProVari vs. ProVape-1

The ProVape-1 was the first e-cigarette mod created by ProVape. It remains available today and is priced considerably lower than the ProVari. The ProVape-1 is known as one of the best 3.7-volt electronic cigarettes on the market, but it lacks the most important feature of the ProVari — it doesn’t operate at other voltages. The ProVape-1 is smaller and lighter than the ProVari, though, and when configured properly it produces considerably more vapor than a small electronic cigarette — a little over half of the amount of vapor the ProVari produces at peak power. There are a few important points you should think about when deciding between the ProVari vs. the ProVape-1 and we hope this comparison makes your decision easier.

ProVari vs. ProVape-1: Price

The price of the ProVape-1 is considerably lower than that of the ProVari, which is something you may want to think about if your budget is limited. While the ProVape-1 costs $89.95 for the body only or $129.95 for a full starter kit. The ProVari, meanwhile, costs $159.95 for the body only or $211.95 for the full kit. So clearly, buying the ProVape-1 vs. the ProVari can save you a great deal of money. The reduced cost of the ProVape-1 is attributable to the fact that the ProVape-1 does not require the advanced internal electronics of the ProVari.

ProVari vs. ProVape-1: What’s Included

If you purchase a full kit, the ProVari and ProVape-1 include similar items. In both kits, you’ll include the ProVape-1 or ProVari body, two batteries, a battery charger and a pack of five cartomizers. The only difference is that the ProVari kit also includes a stainless steel drip tip. You can customize your package by adding additional items if desired at the time of purchase.

ProVari vs. ProVape-1: Performance

The ProVape-1 kit includes two reliable 900 mAh batteries, while the battery capacity of the ProVari is slightly higher at 1100 mAh. However, assuming that you would operate the ProVari at a power level higher than 3.7 volts, you can expect slightly better battery life from the ProVape-1. Most people can expect to use either e-cigarette for up to a day between battery recharges. The more important factor in deciding between the ProVari vs. the ProVape-1 is vapor production; for best performance, the ProVape-1 should be used with a low-resistance atomizer or cartomizer. This allows the ProVape-1 to produce just over 9 watts of vapor, or about 75 percent of the 12 watts that the ProVari achieves at six volts with a high-resistance atomizer or cartomizer. The ProVape is also compatible with low-resistance attachments and produces over 16 watts of vapor when used with these attachments at five volts.

ProVari vs. ProVape-1: The Bottom Line

In the end, your budget may be the primary factor in deciding between the ProVari vs. the ProVape-1. You won’t find a better American-made electronic cigarette than the ProVape-1 anywhere for under $130, and if that fits your budget rather than the more expensive ProVari, then you should definitely buy the ProVape-1. We’re sure you’ll love it. The performance is far superior to that of a small Chinese-made electronic cigarette. However, it won’t be quite the same as the variable-voltage ProVari. If your priority is to buy an electronic cigarette with the highest vapor production and richest flavor available anywhere, buy the ProVari if you can. No electronic cigarette is better.

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